Automotive Batteries

VIJAYA BRAND AUTOMOTIVE BATTERIES a quality product of Jaya Vijaya Industries. Lead acid automotive batteries are made for automobiles, D.G sets, transport division, public & private Ltd companies & other applications. VIJAYA make battery cells are assembled in both hard rubber & polypropylene containers as per the customer's requirements/demands. Our motto is to promote only quality performance product to satisfy our customers to provide instant start, longer life & trouble free operation service.

Special Feature

  • Special perfect blend of active materials of the plate ensure high quality efficiency.
  • Higher ratio of active materials per ampere hour.
  • High impact, versatile & durable container.
  • Glass mat lined Polyethylene envelops/separators virtually eliminates short caused by vibration and shedding of active materials.
  • Vent plug specially designed to prevent leakage, protect the poles/terminals from corrosion.
  • Automotive batteries are manufactured in accordance with IS 7372 latest specification.


  • Tight the +ve and -ve cable connection to the positive,negative terminal property.
  • Apply petroleum jelly to the positive & negative connection (not grease)to protect them from corrosion.
  • Top up the battery only with distilled water.
  • Keep the battery surface clean and dry.
  • Ensure electrical connections are firm to avoid sparking or heating up
  • Install batteries in well-ventilated area,away from direct sunlight and fire hazardous environment.
  • Do not keep the battery in discharged condition