Excel Tubular Batteries

A quality product of M/s Jayavijaya Industries designed and manufactured to high quality international standards. They meet the challenging requirements of various applications in automotive tubular stationery cells. UPS batteries for UPS application, home traction for fork lift and designed for railways and telecommunication. The company manufactures ranges of lead acid batteries with advanced special features. The tubular plate range of batteries are designed and manufactured for better performance and long life even under rigorous usage condition.

Special Features:

  • Special Pluri tubular bags: Used for positive tubular plate for long service under deep cycle usage.
  • Low antimony: Designed with low antimony content to minimize water loss and thereby, reduce the topping up requirements.
  • Battery cells: A high impact versatile, leak proof and durable hard rubber/ polypropylene container with multiple lids.
  • Vent Plugs:Specially designed vent plugs and cell covers to prevent leakage of acid fumes and gases, thus protecting the connector and terminals from corrosion and providing safety.
  • Separators:Special micro porous separators to permit free exchange of ions and prevent short circuit risks.
  • Low internal resistance:Allow smooth starting of heavy loads with out tripping the UPS/Inventor system also it reduces internal power loss and therefore temperature rise during high charging and discharging rates.


High power tubular plate batteries are used for varied application in commercial, residential and industrial.

  • Un-interrupted Power Supply (UPS) for emergency light.
  • Telecom application such as telephone and telegraph exchange.
  • Inverter/ UPS based power pack system for residential and commercial loads like TV, Lighting, Fan etc.
  • Hospitals and laboratories.
  • Railway for signaling.


  • Battery positive plates are made out of 15/19 spine lead grid housed in special pluri tubular bags for holding active materials.
  • Battery negative plates are of pasted type with specially, formulated active materials.
  • Battery cells are assembled in 6 volts, 12 volts and 12 volts vertical type container provided with electrolyte level indicator.