Tubular Batteries

VIJAYA Brand Series of Tubular Batteries rated at C 10 are designed and manufactured to high quality international standards. The company manufactures ranges of lead acid Tubular batteries. They meet the challenging requirements of various applications. These batteries are assembled in PPCP Containers made with special lead Alloy for minimized gas generation during service. The Separators used are of high standards which permit free exchange of ions and prevent short circuit risks. The cells are provrded wrth specially designed ceramic vent cum sealed float plugs which allow the liberated gases to escape allowing the water droplets to trap within call, this reduces the topping up frequency. The tubular plate range of batteries are designed and manufactured as per the IS Standards for better performance and long life even under rigorous usage condition. This Allows smooth starting of heavy loads without tripping the UPS/Inventor system also it reduces internal power loss and therefore temperature rise during high charging and discharging rates.


High power tubular plate batteries are used for varied application in commercial, residential and industrial.

  • UPS/Inverter based power pack system for residential and commercial loads like TV, Lighting, Fan etc.
  • Solar Applications
  • Telecom application such as telephone and telegraph exchange.
  • Hospitals and laboratories.
  • Railway for signaling.

Technical Specification